Facebook and Categories

I Started a new 6 week intensive today, so the blog entry is a bit late in the day. I chose to prioritize quality time with people, then day 1 studies and now, here I am. I was thinking a lot today about my writing and facebook. I have always been one of the standout people, not because i am trying to so much as, I was born into an environment where I was outcast, labeled, isolated purposefully, I didn’t fit into the “norm” – so, for me, it is normal and within my comfort zone to be assertive with my views. I find it intriguing, that the norm in our culture seems to be that of conformity, so much so that instead of people speaking their mind, they come close, but end up sharing memes, pictures with quotes, always having the “out” of, sharing someone else’s material rather than being solely responsible. When I type on facebook, out of 800+ “friends”, a handful will “like” the post, a few will jump out and react in comments, telling me to go post my blog on medium or elsewhere, where the blogs are, or they tell me to get off facebook, don’t post my personal story…be like them, blend in more. It is interesting to me, that the collective all want to blend in with eachother and at the same time pass around motivational messages that came from others, I do love those special few, who stick around to read my posts and are starting themselves to come out from under the rock of “same ness” and find their voice, not conforming to the standard categories – this social media is for this, blogs go here, get in your lane, so you can blend in like the rest of us. I rather enjoy being the wrench in the mix – they created me, and here I am. Alannis Morrisette says, the black fly in your chardonnay and all that. Isn’t it ironic, huh, don’t you think….Yes, I really do think.