Pink slips for the Happy Cows of California and beyond!

Yesterday, my news feed was inundated with stories of major milk producers in trouble – Dairy Pure, Organic farms butter, Friendly’s Ice Cream, Dean’s Foods to name a few. Some of the largest dairy businesses, claiming losses, maybe going away from the dairy cow business. The fault, they claim is America’s love affair with the non-milk “milks” – Soy, Nut,Pea Protein, Hemp, Rice, etc
Happy Cows in California are getting pink slips!

While some may be happy to see the end of the era – cows’ milk consumption as an industry. It won’t go away entirely – the almighty cheese industry needs it. Non Dairy cheese is getting better, but it just isn’t there yet.

My question is – What are we replacing the Dairy Cow with?

They say one average dairy milking cow will drink on average 30-50 gallons of water per day and when they are stressed out – that number doubles. ( )

So, we may be saving some water with a reduction of the Dairy Cow workforce.

What about the alternatives – Are they really better?

Rice Milk will actually use many times more water than the average Dairy Cow –

Rice and Soy also produce a lot of greenhouse gasses, as does the dairy cow.

A story in 2012 from NPR shows that rice farmers used 3 times as much water as the city of Austin – and the article shows some other startling facts about our most critical resource –

There are lots of questions to follow up on here – I doubt the dairy cow will go away completely, but we are seeing some serious upheavals in the industry now. 40%+ of people are choosing alternatives to dairy and bringing competition to the market – a better cow, if you will.